Ludovic inspires and shares advice with organisations, teams and leaders on personal influence and negotiation. Keynotes and workshops are conducted based on Ludovic's new book The Master: Unlock Your Influence & Succeed in Negotiation. Please see below a keynotes and workshops descriptions which Ludovic will personally customise for your audience.


45 - 90 Minutes Keynote

Ludovic Tendron on stage giving a speech on negotiation


We are all born to be negotiators, but not all of us are very good at it. Many have to learn how to negotiate on their own and what we don’t know could mean the difference between success and failure.

Skill in negotiating is an indispensable tool if one hopes to thrive in this rapidly evolving environment. The world is one big chess board, and everyone’s playing and not all of us know the rules or how best to apply them. We often don’t realise the ubiquity of negotiation, and don’t possess a reliable key to discern its sometimes puzzling rules.

If you want to master negotiations, gain influence, and build valuable relationships in the business world, this keynote should be an eye opener. It will allow you to see negotiation in a much broader sense. You’ll learn some essential tools for all kinds of negotiation. It will give you a master key to open doors of opportunity.

Key Highlights

  • We’re born to be negotiators, but many of us aren’t very good at it

  • The challenges of the modern world

  • Trust: a pre-condition to negotiation

  • The search for a fair deal

  • How to influence others?

  • Timeless principles


3 days workshop

Ludovic - Executives listening to a speaking engagement on negotiation


A good negotiator must be a master of anticipation. Before you sit across from others at a meeting, you should have identified the other party’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

Research is an indispensable tool for preparation. If the other party has done its homework, neglecting to do yours will leave you at a disadvantage. 

Anticipating at negotiation is also optimising your time, prioritising your actions, having the right attitude, disciplining your mind, etc.

None of us has absolute control over anything including ourselves. In order to get what we want in a world of complexity and interdependence, we need to deal with others and be convincing.  Getting others to respond positively and empathically to our actions requires skills which are taught in this workshop.


  • Negotiation starts long before you enter a meeting room

  • You can’t afford to be unprepared

  • Evaluating truthfulness and credibility 

  • Your attitude and physiology

  • Develop focus

  • Gaining trust and building rapport

  • The subtle art of persuasion